January 25, 2012

President Deb Barker welcomed the group.

SPD Update

SPD Officer Maryzuca was present to discuss the shooting and resulting death that took place recently at the Morgan Junction Park. He explained that it appears to have been a random altercation between two individuals. They are still very early in process of investigating so he could not provide any details other than to say it appears random and not an indication of a wider violent crime pattern or issue.  He reported that Feedback Lounge, where to two had been prior, is a good establishment with no history of calls to police.

Community members in attendance raised concerns about loitering and public intoxication in the Park, saying it has gotten worse over last two years. He made clear that it is not illegal to be drunk in the park, and the only way the behavior is actionable for police is if these people are threatening others or causing harm to others. It appears to be nuisance behavior. Still, he asked people to call him when it is happening so he can send officers just to inquire and remind people that they are in a public park and might want to move along. One attendee called attention to a particular individual who lives near her parents who is a constant nuisance to the neighborhood and business district. The officer offered to talk with her more about this outside the meeting.

In general, crimes stats are down in the neighborhood, which is a good sign. He implored people to join their blockwatch and call to report suspicious behavior.

City Light Presentation

City Light employees attended to present on the cable injection project in Gatewood Hills. This was undertaken to make old electrical cables underground last longer.  They were buried in 1969 without any casing, making them open to deterioration and damage. City Light achieved a 91% success rate with the silicon injections; only 9% failed. This 9% will have to be dug up and fixed which is a lot more expensive ($300 vs. $30 a lineal foot). So overall, the project has been a great success. One person asked if the homeowner is responsible for corroded cables from poles to the house, SCL did not know the answer. At this point, they broke out into a separate room for a more detailed discussion with two Gatewood Hills residents in attendance.

Murray Pump Station/CSO Project

King County attended to report back to the community on the Murray Pump Station/CSO project. So far it has had 6 public meetings, three open and three of the design advisory group. They then presented some renderings of design concepts, explaining the major factors that drove some of the siting and design decisions: poor soils, high water table and large water pipe that needs to be avoided. The community feedback that they have gotten has asked to:  enhance views, calm traffic, reduce “industrial” feel, connect across site to Lowman Beach Park.

King County asked that people stay involved as the design gets refined and announced the initial feedback from the Design Advisory Group (DAG).


  • Permanent fence has been added at the new Myrtle Reservoir Park – looks great!
  • MoCA will be holding Board elections at April Meeting.
  • New Hi-Yu President announced.
  • John Moore of NW Insurance has move to a storefront north of the Morgan Junction.

SW Precinct Advisory Group Report

November burglaries are up a bit, but still lower than a year ago. Over the last month some burglary “teams” have been arrested, they are thought to be responsible for 50% of burglaries in area! Remember to call if you see suspicious groups walking your neighborhood. SPD is doing a plan update soon, watch for it. This is important in light of the federal investigation, which Eldon thinks is being well received at the SW Precinct.  August 11th will be precinct picnic and April 21st will be gathering of neighbors. Watch for more info on these soon.

By-Laws Revision Update

A small group met to propose revisions to By-Laws to bring them into line with how the MoCA group commonly practices. A marked up version was circulated. Some of the very basic updates are;

  • Listing the correct times we meet throughout the year;
  • Eliminating excessive committees that have never existed since By-Laws were written;
  • Eliminating reference to all dues collected – we have never collected dues and don’t want to;
  • Refining roles of elected officers.

Kate asked for feedback, none was received. We will vote on changes at next meeting.

Festival Update

June 23rd has been selected for the festival day at Morgan Junction Park. It will entail vendors behind Zeeks, live music, kids’ activities, and the Bite of Morgan again. Usually run 10-6pm with 400-600 people attending. Volunteers will be needed.

Alki Art Fair

Chas announced the Alki Art Fair no longer has City support, so it is forming a non-profit organization to support the event and is looking for volunteers for a number of positions. The fair draws over 20,000 people for the two-day event.

NSF and CRF Project Funds

Deb explained these funding sources at the City for community projects and how MoCA typically selects projects for consideration from the neighborhood plan. Cindy had emailed people seeking ideas prior to submission just in case there were others out there not in the plan. One person responded and asked that California be addressed, as major sections of it need repaving near Morgan Junction. One person in the audience suggested that the sidewalks in front of Ivy Court be addressed, as the trees that her parents were asked to plant there were too large for the concrete and now it is a hazard.

Next Meeting:  April 18, 2012, 7-9pm at the Kenney


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