Thank you to the great crowd of people who came out to learn more about the City's Mandatory Housing Affordablity proposed program.  There was great participation and questions, we give a great shout out to all the volunteers who were there to answer questions and help people understand what's being proposed.  The presentation is linked to this post as an attachment, as well as the links to all the handouts and other material displayed (here and in an attachment.

We encourage you to stay informed as this proposal progress and watch our website and other media for upcoming meetings and opportunities to give comment.


Mandatory Housing Affordability Presentation by the Morgan Community Association (MoCA),

Nov 29, 2016

Links to the handouts (in order from the presentation)

Mandatory Housing Affordability (MHA) overview

AMI & Affordable Housing defined

What is the definition of affordable housing and who will it serve?

Principles for MHA Implementation: (Click on the gray bar that says “Learn more about the MHA principles”

Guide to Housing Options

How to Read the Maps:   the one page summary has been replaced by a short video. (Click on the gray bar that says “Learn more about how to read the map (+ video)”

MHA Payment and Performance Requirements: this was a paper handout we collected at a prior workshop. But the material is identical to the payment information in the MHA overview handout

The draft maps (go to the drop down menu and select the map you want to see)

Materials at the table or on the wall

The Grand Bargain Memo of Understanding

Guide to Zone Changes; From this page, go down to the section “MHA Development Examples” and select the zone you want to look at

Please note that the HALA website has extensive information about the Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda (HALA) and the MHA program.



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